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Who We Are

Purvis/Taylor Software is committed to providing workable, straightforward solutions to complex financial business issues. Our staff brings years of enthusiasm and experience in developing and consulting on financial software, providing strategic and practical solutions in today's competitive financial marketplace.

Mortgage systems are a specialty of Purvis/Taylor Software. Scott Purvis and Ian Taylor co-founded Plexus Systems Design Ltd. in the 1980s, and created an industry-acclaimed mortgage servicing software package. The consultants at Purvis/Taylor Software are experts in all areas of the mortgage servicing life cycle, including customer and loan setup, multi-tiered lending, payment processing, arrears management, mortgage life insurance, reporting, renewal processing, property tax management, and mortgage securitization.

Our Philosophy

Focus on Client Business Needs

We pride ourselves on listening to our clients, in order to truly understand their issues and needs. We are dedicated to superior client service.

Maintain Systematic Processes

Our systematic processes for consulting and development ensure that our clients consistently receive both quality and value.

Communicate Clearly

We understand the diverse requirements for communicating with both business and technical client staff. Our consultants are experienced professionals, and our deliverable documents always contain a business overview to provide context and relevance for all stakeholders.